Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Bucket List

We had dinner on the porch last night which has definitely gotten me in the mood for everything Spring. I know I'm technically a few days late, but here is our Spring Bucket List.

Fly a Kite
Have a picnic at the park
Have date night at an outdoor restaurant 
Plant Flowers with the girls 
Visit the Botanical Gardens
Go for a hike 
Take the girls to an Easter Egg Hunt
Attend one of the outdoor concerts in Decatur's Square 
Transition Audrey to a Big Girl Bed 
Spend all day at the pool
Celebrate Audrey's 3rd Birthday (ugh...how has it been three years already?)
Take a girls' trip...Baby Bachelorette here I come!

I'm sure these fun activities coupled with the ever-present bubbles, sidewalk chalk and popsicles will make for a great Spring!


  1. Great list! I need to got on that, too. Although our weather has been anything but spring here in WI. :(



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