Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we headed to our old home of Nashville for Ian and Emily's wedding.

Ian is Stefan's best friend and we were honored to be there to celebrate his big day. Stefan was the best man which meant he was busy the entire weekend with his duties so I enlisted my mother-in-law Miss Helen for extra help. (Yes, I know it's strange I call her Miss Helen but it's a term of endearment and I can't seem to shake the Miss, Mrs., Ms. habit that was drilled into me as a child.) Audrey was a flower girl and we were all on pins and needles to see how she would perform.

Early morning drive to Nashville that took at least an hour longer than it should have due to these antsy little rascals.

After not napping all day, the rehearsal on Friday night didn't go so well. Audrey slept through most of it and was not happy, to say the least, when I woke her up to practice walking down the aisle. We sent Audrey home with Miss Helen and went on to the rehearsal dinner which was in East Nashville at an incredible restaurant. I love love and it was so sweet to see how happy Emily and Ian were the entire night (and weekend for that matter).

Stefan got up early to do his thing on Saturday morning, so the girls and I explored Brentwood and Franklin, played at the hotel and just took it easy. Audrey headed to the venue early for pictures, and Eleanor and I followed shortly behind.

The beaming couple.
Totally stole this from facebook
When it was time for the big moment, Audrey and her sweet new bff Peyton started walking down the aisle. Audrey was so focused on dropping petals that about two steps down the aisle she stopped and started dropping them over and over in the same spot. Then she turned around and started dropping them in the other direction...back towards the exit. Peyton helped to get Audrey turned around and they eventually made it down the aisle. Audrey walked straight to her Daddy who then directed her to me, and we headed out the back. Miss Helen and I couldn't hear a single word of the ceremony, but it sure looked gorgeous...ha!

Of course, girls were the first ones on the dance floor twirling and running around.

Stefan and I got caught at the bar with two sippy cups asking for milk. It cracks me up that this was captured on camera!

After dancing the night away, we headed to downtown Nashville for some fun on Broadway. I wanted to visit with everyone, but was a bit self conscious about going into a bar pregnant. I got a couple congrats, but no one seemed too alarmed (which is kind of alarming, right?).
With my new BFF Lee; possibly the funniest guy I've ever met 
It was a great weekend celebrating the love of two of our close friends. We are so happy for the start of your life Ian and Emily, and cannot wait to see all the adventures you have in store! 

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  1. Audrey looks beautiful!! And I love your dress too!! What a fun weekend!



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