Thursday, April 30, 2015

Best of Baby Cups: A Nuk Review

I'm not an expert on much, but I would consider myself pretty close to an expert on sippy cups. It is truly embarrassing how much I've spent on sippy cups over the past few years.

We waited way too late to start Audrey on a sippy cup (total first-time parent move) and she was super picky which led to me buying almost every sippy cup on the market. My first time parent had to be the cups, right?!?

Then Eleanor came along and loved chewing on her sippy cups which caused most of them to leak within a few uses. Finding a cup that didn't leak AND didn't have 45 parts that I had to clean seemed nearly impossible. But we finally found and fell in love with the Nuk Learner Cups
Disney Baby Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Learner Cups
They are great for those first few months of learning how to drink from a sippy cup because the Silicone Spout is still soft like a bottle. The silicone is always impossible to chew through, in case any of you have little hamsters like Miss Eleanor. And of course, it's BPA free. 
Hello Kitty® Active Cup®
We have the 5oz and 10oz sizes with and without handles. I prefer with handles for your littlest ones when learning how to drink from a sippy and hold their own cup. Once they are bigger, I really like the cups with the activity clips because it easily clips it to my bag. 

My expert advice: save yourself some time and money and go with these first.

And yes, this post was sponsored by Nuk, but I would never steer you guys wrong. And to prove it, check out the appearance of Nuk cups through the years:

On our way to Europe in 2012.. look how tiny Audrey was!
 Little Audrey again

Nuk cup spotted with Eleanor in Puerto Rico 

Eleanor was even sipping from her Nuk Cup as we sang her Happy Birthday! 

 And recently, one spotted in Charlotte's Easter basket

Charlotte refuses to hold her own bottle first thing in the morning. It's only in the mornings and I don't push it for no other reason than the fact that she's my baby. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cayman Vacation 2015 - Part Two

You can catch Part One here. Back to more family fun at the beach!

We spent a couple of our mornings down at Camana Bay letting the girls play in the water fountains. We also went to story time there one morning which was a lot of fun. After story time they bring out big blocks for the kids to play with in the water.


There were these twin boys there that were a little rough and Eleanor almost got into a little tiff. If that girl had a few more pound behind her she would have totally worn. I definitely don't have to worry about her being passive.

Grand Cayman has a ton to offer all ages, but I am always impressed with how kid friendly it is. It's not overrun with kids everywhere (except the week we are there!), but they still seem to have so much to offer kids. I'd highly recommend it for a family vacation.

Of course we had to look for and feed the chickens during our morning walks.

More fun in the sun!

 Stefan building a sand castle for himself the girls!

Since we've been going for a few years now, Audrey has come to know some of the people down there and her favorite is Sonica. She talks about her ALL the time and was so excited to see her. She's actually been pretending to be Sonica since we've been home. It's too cute.

The girls also spent some time meeting the neighbors - these neighbors brought down the most delicious pastries down from Chicago. 

I didn't get a picture of the Furmans but they are always so sweet to our girls as well. They let the girls (and myself) steal their candy and Inchy Pinchy comes to tickle the girls which they love! 

We had one rainey afternoon, but we filled it with lots of indoor fun and movies. 

Also not pictured was our adult night out at Calypso Cafe. The food was amazing again.

Speaking of food, Miss Audrey was spoiled and got to lick the spoon of Uncle Jim's famous chocolate pie. 

I did get some nice layout time and walks/paddle board excursions with Stefan during nap time. 

We attempted to take the annual girls beach picture which proved to be more difficult this year. Three is a whole new ballgame, I tell ya. But we captured the memories which is what it's all about.

As always we are so grateful to our family that opens their beautiful home to us and helps us with the girls while we are there. We are a LOT to take in these days and I wouldn't say taking the kids to the beach is a relaxing vacation for Stefan and me but it is one week we truly look forward to every year. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cayman Vacation 2015 - Part One

(I broke this up into two post so I could share more details that I want to remember!)

If you've been around for a while, you know that we have been taking a trip down to the Caymans the last few years and last week was our week in paradise. You can read about our previous trips here, here and here. I can't get over how much the girls have grown!

It was our first time flying with all three kids and they did pretty well. We were definitely armed with lots of plane activities and snack which helped.

As you would expect, we had a great time relaxing, spending time together and playing on the beach. The big girls were really loved playing in the water this year. The spent most of their time either in the ocean or pool and it is so nice for them to be at ages where they can swim on their own (with the assistance of puddle jumpers).

I was super impressed that both Audrey and Eleanor swam all the way out to the boat as few times. They loved playing on the boat. One morning we decided to take them for a ride and as soon as we started moving Eleanor fell asleep.  She was so tired that we just put her on the paddle board and brought her back to shore without her ever waking up. It was hilarious and I'm pretty sure other beachgoers thought we had a dead body on the board!

Aunt Jane bringing Eleanor in! So funny! 

If you look really close you can see their little bodies swimming! 
Of course, we got Charlotte out in the water as well and she loved it. She ate minimal amounts of sand and really enjoyed splashing in the water.

Her first time in the ocean (check out how clear the water is!). 

More picture and memories to come! 


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