Thursday, October 30, 2014

Charlotte: Four Months

I've been pretty bad about blogging lately (again). But I feel like things are finally starting to slow down around here with my return to work, girls settled into their new routine and just life overall.

I'm here to tell you that Miss Charlotte is four months old! It's hard to believe that these months just keep flying right on by.

Charlotte goes down at 7:30 and wakes up around 6:30 with a dream feed around 9PM. 
I will forever and always be a huge believer in Babywise. I know it's a bit old school, but I have followed their schedules with all of my girls and they all are great sleepers...and I've never had to let them cry it out for more than 10 minutes. 

Every three hours during the day and getting around 6oz each meal. She's definitely well fed and has got the rolls to prove it. We are still working  through some gas issues with her poor little system, but it's slowly but surely getting better. 

Her mama! This little girl is a mama's girl and really doesn't want anyone else. I've started referring to her as my attachment because she is constantly in my arms or on my lap. She also loves being held facing outward so she can see what's going on. I hate to admit but she seems to show a pretty strong preference for Audrey and smiles so big at her. Eleanor absolutely adores her little sister but she "loves" a little too hard.

Charlotte is not a fan of getting into her car seat at all. Once she's in she is fine, but those first few minutes she'll let you know how she feels. Charlotte also seems to scare really easily and sudden movements really upset her (she definitely gets that from me...I've always scared easily which is why you'll never find me in a haunted house). 

Other Notables
Keeping with the tradition of our traveling circus, Charlotte visited Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama and Texas this month. She also drove through Mississippi, but we won't count that as a state visited. 

We've been working through some little health issues that have required us to spend more time than we would like in doctors offices. I have become extremely thankful for good health insurance and great doctors. I know that everything is going to be just fine and may share more as we know more and feel comfortable, but I never knew how important it was to really like and trust your pediatrician until these last few weeks.

Charlotte is such a sweet smiley little addition to our family and we are so grateful that she's ours! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sweet Summertime

With Fall right around the corner, we are really trying to soak up the last few weeks of summer.

A few weekends ago, Stefan's dad came to visit us. We had a great time showing Papaw and Sheryl around the gardens, exploring new restaurants, and relaxing at our house. They might be the easiest house guests ever which I am very grateful for since our house is a little nuts these days.

This past Friday we played hookey from school and spent the day swimming with our cousin Caroline. Then my aunt and uncle graciously took the big girls for the afternoon which allowed me to run some errands and have a nice quiet dinner at Brickstore with just Stefan and Charlotte.

Total side note: I love living so close to the Decatur square and all it has to offer. Our little neighborhood of Atlanta is becoming quite the foodie destination. Cakes and Ale topped was #2 in Atlanta Magazine and Kimball House was #1 for Southern Living. Paper Planes also got voted best new bar. And the entire city of Decatur got called out by USA Today. Quite impressive!

Our go-to favorites of General Muir, Community BBQ, and Taqueria del Sol also got named (if you come visit there is a good chance you'll go to one of these because they are super close, casual and great food).

Back to our weekend, Saturday we played dress-up and then spent the afternoon celebrating Isaac's birthday.

Sunday we listened to church and then spent the day swimming with Tanner and his parents.

As much as I cannot wait for Fall and cooler weather to arrive, I know I'm going to miss the lazy days of summer. Fall also means back to work for me which is met with very mixed emotions.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life According to my iPhone

Here's a quick round up of the past few weeks via my iPhone pics! 

Going to meet her new teacher and friends

Eleanor is still our wild child and never sits still, but she does love to snuggle with Charlotte

Sweet (most of the time) sisters

First day of Pre-K

We celebrated my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary with a big party with all their friends and family. It was so much fun. Some fun pictures from their younger days (sorry for the glare).

I also got to snuggle with my childhood (and lifetime) bestie's little girl Hannah. I can't get over how cute she is. I'm pushing hard for her to come spend a weekend with us in Atlanta!! 

Sadly, I lost a very loved uncle in the past few weeks. It is still very raw and honestly hasn't really set in yet so say a little prayer that my family will have some healing and peace. But while we were all together, we did love looking through old pictures. I'm the baby being held by Joan Collins my Mom. Crazy how much it looks like Eleanor.

Stefan and I did a taste test of different types of canned margaritas. My favorite in a blind taste test was the Parrot Bay coconut one.

Coming to a mailbox near you - little bit's birth announcement. I loved the way the turned out.

Aunt Haley came to visit and made bows with Audrey. She loved it.

We took a trip to the dentist

This is one of my favorite faces of Charlotte. Sweet girl makes me laugh with all her facial experssions. 

I saw this picture on instagram and it made me laugh. Especially since I don't see the bags under my eyes going away any time soon no matter how many different products I try (but I'm always open to suggetions)!

There you have it. I would sum up our life right now as blissfully chaotic.

Happy Weekend!  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Charlotte - 1 Month Old

Miss Charlotte is officially one month old as of this past Sunday. Is it just me or was this the fastest month ever? When people ask me how old she is it literally stops me in my tracts because I can never remember. Bad mommy, I know. 

Charlotte has been an easy baby and has integrated into our family really well. I am going to try and document her little milestones because I know I'll forget. 

Basically all she does when she's not eating or pooping! 

It's  funny with your first child, you put them down to nap in a quiet, dark area that has a white noise to drown out sounds just in case you cough downstairs or the dog barks. With my second, she made it the her dark quiet room sometimes and I would try to keep the first one as quiet as possible. By the third, she is napping smack in the middle of the chaos of her two big sisters running around and making lots of noise. Funny enough, the few times I have put Charlotte down in a quiet dark room she doesn't nap as well as when she is in the mix. 

Every three hours but we are working on dropping the brutal 3AM feeding. She has done great at dropping that feeding so far, but still isn't consistent. 

When her sisters sing to her. She gets really still and looks all around. Melts my heart. 

Proud big sister Eleanor 

Four generations  

Meeting her bestie Leighton 

Diapers and clothing changes. We are also struggling with some gas issues but saw Dr. G on Friday and have a plan in place that will hopefully help her little belly. 

I know I shouldn't, but I think her little face is so cute when she's all worked up...

Her dark hair is slowly but surely starting to get lighter. I'm convinced Stefan has the most dominant non-dominant genes ever. How I ended up with two, possibly three, kids that have blue eyes and blond hair is beyond me. 

Hanging out with Miss Magda...we love her! 

Charlotte is a little grunter. I know all babies grunt, but she grunts all the time and especially in her sleep. Her grunting may get her evacuated from our room sooner than planned because it keeps this mama up all night! 

Charlotte is such a great addition to our family and I love having a new little one to love on! I can't wait to see her grow into her own little person.

A little sneak peak from her newborn shoot

(I am aware this has turned in to baby central, but they say you should blog for yourself and this is what I want to remember about my life right now. And I'm not sorry one bit about that!)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Charlotte Hope's Birth Story

Three weeks ago, we welcomed a new little blessing into our family. I remember worrying that somehow I wouldn't have enough space in my heart to love another baby with the intensity that I love Audrey and Eleanor, but once I saw her beautiful little face and heard her first scream all of those worries instantly disappeared. Here is her birth story.

I should start at my 36 week appointment, the doctor checked me and I was progressed pretty far. I was excited and completely freaked out as we were not exactly set up or ready for a new baby in our house; although physically I was so ready.

Fast forward to my 37 week appointment, I was disappointed to see that I had not progressed at all during that week. Stefan and I grabbed lunch and went home to continue working.

I went for a walk that afternoon and around 4:30 started having some contractions. I rode with Stefan, who was working from home, to pick up the girls at Kathy's house and the contractions were still pretty consistent and getting stronger. When we got home, I called my doctor as well as Magda to come over and watch the girls. The doctor told me to wait out Atlanta traffic if I could, oh the things you have to consider in Atlanta, and then come on in. Thank goodness for Miss Magda and my Aunt and Uncle who came down to cover for the girls! Stefan finished up his work (I insisted he take this important call), and we headed to the hospital.

When we got there, they confirmed that we wouldn't be leaving without a baby, and we got all settled in our room. Since this was my third baby, all of the nurses and doctor kept telling me it would happen quickly which I was excited about. I called my parents and they headed over from Birmingham to meet their newest grandchild.

Six hours later, I was in the same spot and extremely tired/frustrated. I was ready to meet this little girl. And my poor parents were still waiting at the hospital! The doctor said she was in no hurry, but then eventually give me a little meds to get this baby to keep moving.

And then at 4:15AM with the easiest delivery I've had, Miss Charlotte Hope came into our little world with her perfect little face and head full of DARK hair. She instantly cried which is just the most beautiful sound in the world.

They laid her on my chest and let me hold her for a while before taking her to give a bath. I loved being able to hold her and just study her sweet face. They did that with Audrey, but I was too overwhelmed to really enjoy it, and with Eleanor they took her away since she had some issues. So I got to really soak this special time up with Charlotte in a way I never had before.

In terms of her name, we struggled with finding a name that we both loved. We thought we had one early one, but then changed it and had to start all over. We both loved Charlotte and Hope is from Stefan's dads side of the family so we were able to incorporate a family name like with the other girls. 

I loved introducing her to Audrey and Eleanor. Audrey is a great little helper and loves to pretend she is her Mama. Eleanor doesn't seem to notice Charlotte very often, but she when she does Eleanor likes to help by covering her face with a burp cloth or taking her paci. :)

I love this picture of the moment Audrey saw Charlotte for the first time. Thanks for capturing it Aunt Michelle!

Our attempt at a family picture...

Aunt Michelle and Caroline came to visit.

Emily came too and she welcome her little girl and Charlotte's bff Leighton last week!

30 hours later we checked out of the hospital in what the nurses said was the shortest stay ever. While it's nice to be able to send the baby to the nursery, I've found that I actually can't sleep very well in the hospital because they are constantly coming in to check on you. I like an in and out trip! 
In her little going home outfit that the other girls wore! 

She is such a beautiful baby, yes I've very biased, and has been a really good baby. She seems to be fine thrown into the mix with her big sisters. Noise level and choas don't seem to bother her one bit which is great. 

Currently, we are just settling in to our life with three kids three and under. And I thought two under two was crazy, we are a full on circus these days! And even though most of the time I'm not even sure what day it is and am constantly counting to make sure I know where each kid is, I wouldn't change it for anything. 

Charlotte Hope, welcome to the world and our family. You are so very loved. 


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